Npower Non-Graduate Training Posting Date & Requirements 2024

Npower Non-Graduate Training Posting Date and Requirements for Camp: What you need at the Camp

This is to inform all that were shortlisted for Npower Non-Graduate Training Requirements for Camp on the general list of things required for camping at their different centres. All beneficiaries from batch C recruitment under the Non-Graduate category should read through this article and see if they have what it takes.

This article contains important information about your chance in coming out victorious during the Npower Non-Graduate Training Posting Date & Requirements for Camp by being chosen as one of our preferred candidates against other participants in Nigeria – specifically those with similar interests like you who may share some similarities between yourself when applying.


Npower is always looking for ways to make life better in all aspects. This time, they decided that the best way would be by making sure their Non-Graduate beneficiaries could find employment and get positioned where there are jobs available near them.

NPower’s newest move was surely one of its most ambitious projects yet; it deployed an army of Non-Graduate to various locations around Nigeria as part of this initiative, with hopes everything will go smoothly enough, so we can see how these people live once they’ve been given some more responsibilities or opportunities within society.


According to some selected beneficiaries, they have been contacted and informed that their in-camp training will resume on Sunday 31st of November 2024. The training is scheduled to commence in some selected centers across the Country.

Npower Non-Graduate Training Requirements for Camp

If you’re one of the lucky few to be selected for this amazing opportunity, then congratulations. You’ll receive notification via your self-service dashboard at that says whether it’s possible for you to start training (or any other time). And don’t worry – once chosen recipients get through all necessary steps in order to successfully register, they will automatically receive an email invitation regarding their next training date/time confirmation.

Note: Make sure you confirm your training zone resumption date before you commence any journey

What You Should Take To Npower Non-Graduate Training Camp: General Requirements

You should go to the training camp upon resumption with the following:

  • Valid means of Identification with two photocopies of it.
  • Printout of your training deployment status
  • You are also expected to come with your personal belongings: clothes, footwear, toiletries

Training Venue: Your training venue is contained in your deployment status.


You will be provided with Accommodation, a feeding allowance while in the camp and your transport fares coming and going back will be provided.

Please note the following about Npower Non-Graduate Training Requirements for Camp:

  1. Failure to report to camp on your resumption date will signify you are no longer interested in the programme.
  2. Beneficiaries are not allowed to come with any metal object or cutlery, boiling rings, or electrical appliances.
  3. Note that upon completion of registration in camp, beneficiaries will be in the training facility for the period of the training exercise.
  4. All Covid-19 protocols must be strongly adhered to.

Make sure you confirm your training zone resumption date before starting any journey. This step will help ensure that the right equipment, items, and other necessary requirements are available for when it’s time to resume your journey.