Npower Exit Plans For Batch A, B and C Beneficiaries 2023

Npower Exit Plans For Batch A, B and C Beneficiaries – Npower Exit Plan Packages are a great way to get your Npower account paid off in full. Npower Exit Plan Packages have been designed to help you pay Npower in full, and there is no cost for the Npower exit plan. Therefore, all Npower batch A, B and C beneficiaries should note that the Federal Government in agreement with the CBN has declared the exit packages for all Npower Batch A, B and C Beneficiaries.

There has been a very serious outburst on social media accounts of the Npower organization regarding the plans to exit the First and Second batch of Npower workers

People have been asking a question on what is the fate of the beneficiaries of the Npower that belonged to Batch A and B; well this is a very crucial topic that needs to be answered.

A lot of concerned citizens have been voicing their opinions regarding the Federal Government’s decision to let go of all the beneficiaries. The most prominent of them was Baura Lawal  from Zamfara State;

In his words: he said that it is unfair for the government to promise that they will empower over a million citizens only to drop 500,000 of them a few years later with no permanent job, replacement, or money to start up a life.

if you look at it from that perspective, I’m sure you will also agree that is not fair to let go of more than five hundred thousand beneficiaries who have no other source of income and send them back to the streets.

This especially feels very wrong when you consider the amount politicians are paid and other uses of money that feels almost wasted.

The tweet below is what sparked the buzz regarding the exit plan of the Npower 2023

it is however important to bring to your notice that there is a recruitment exercise going on for 400,000 beneficiaries at the moment and that the issue of the payment of the stipend for last month has been resolved.

Exit Plan For Batch A And B of the Npower | Full information

While it is still unclear what exactly the Government has decided with nobody coming forth to give precise information; we can hold on to the words of the Honourable Minister Farouq;

Former beneficiaries of the N-Power program can choose from a variety of Npower departure plan options. Former recipients would be given a large sum of money to establish their own enterprises and make ends meet as part of one of the packages.

Another type of exit package includes hiring some full-time teachers to help the Nigerian education system.

In accordance with the N-Power exit strategy, N-Power Batch A, B and C beneficiaries will now be able to access permanent career options or business chances.

The Federal Government has announced three job opportunities for former Npower Volunteers (SANEF, Agric Enumerator, and GEEP), which will be available through the NEXIT site.

Under the Shared Agent Network Expansion Facility, 200,000 people will be hired as financial services operators (SANEF).

Under the Mass Agric Programme, over 30,000 former N-Agro beneficiaries have been engaged and deployed to local government areas around the country for enumeration of farmers, mapping of farm fields, and GIS expertise.

“We have commenced the transitioning of beneficiaries from Batches A, B and C into government entrepreneurship schemes and engaging private sector bodies to absorb some beneficiaries after the completion of psychometric assessment to determine competency and placement into various opportunities”

If you still need more information on the status of the exit plan on how you can be easily seen from the crowd, drop a comment below and we will attend to you as soon as we can.