UNECA BIS Grant 2024 Application Portal | www.unafrica.org/grant21 Registration

UNECA BIS Grant 2024 Application Portal | www.unafrica.org/grant21 Registration: See How to Apply for UNECA Grant for Businesses, Ideas & Startups.

The application for a UNECA BIS grant is still open. Africans with ground-breaking ideas, outstanding startups, and expanding enterprises are eligible for the $25,000 B.I.S (Business, Idea, Startup) Grant from the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa.

Do you want to submit a BIS grant application? On this page, we’ll walk you through the free application process for the business concept startup grant 2024. Please follow the instructions on this page to apply right away.


BIS Grant Portal Login 2024

The BIS award is available to anyone who needs financial support, business training, or mentorship.

UNECA is set up to help you obtain funding, whether you have an idea or an established firm.

Target Market: Residents of the 54 African Union Member States.

A grant of $25,000 in cash and $10,000 in training would be awarded to 5,000 participants.

UNECA BIS Grant Requirements 2024

  • The age range for applicants is from 16 to 65.
  • The applicant must possess a legitimate form of identification.
  • The applicant must be an African national in good standing.
  • A nearby device must be available for the applicant to use to start a video conference call.
  • The applicant must have at least finished secondary or high school.

How to Apply for BIS Grant 2024

Please be aware that you must complete and submit all applications online using the application portal.

Follow the instructions below to submit a B.I.S (Business. Idea. Startup) Grant application successfully to the Economic Commission for Africa.

  • Please go to www.unafrica.org/grant21.
  • To apply now, click the button below.
  • Select either “Inceptor” or “Custodian.”
  • Accurately complete the online application form.

Within 4-5 working days, B.I.S will get in touch with every application. Positive feedback recipients should prepare well for an online interview.

Application deadline is September 24, 2021, on Friday.

The B.I.S (Business. Idea. Startup) Grant grants from the Economic Commission for Africa are, however, completely free. Never give money to a person or organization that says they can help you get a B.I.S Grant. Your B.I.S Grant is obtained.

Positive comments recipients will be invited to a virtual interview with a United Nations assessment representative. The interview outcome should be made public within 48–72 hours.

Before any payment is made, the finalist must go through a thorough verification process.