NIWA Salary Structure 2023 Updated

NIWA Salary Structure 2023: The National inland waterways Authority (NIWA) has been one of the best organizations in Nigeria that pay its staff well. Based on that, the staff ensured they work with their heart to ensure the success of the organization Today, we shall be looking at what the National inland waterways Authority (NIWA) pays their staff. i.e. NIWA Salary structure. Therefore, anyone who wants to apply to this organization should go through this content to know the exact amount to receive after gaining employment.

Fact about the National inland waterways Authority (NIWA)

The National Inland Waterways Authority (NIWA), hitherto the Inland Waterways Department of the Federal Ministry of Transport, metamorphosed into an Authority vide an act of the National Assembly, CAP 47, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria, 2004 (Decree No. 13 of 1997), established with the primary responsibility to improve and develop Nigeria’s inland waterways for navigation.

Update on NIWA Salary Structure

Based on research, we have inquired from a few staff and found out that the salary of an average National Inland Waterways Authority staff is 186,086 Naira. As a matter of fact, this salary data is collated by two (2) employees from the National Inland Waterways Authority. The salary data includes that of the Human Resources Officer, the Deputy General Manager, as well as salaries for junior staff. In addition, the National Inland Waterways Authority gender distribution based on salary submitted is recorded to be male(50%), female(50%), unspecified(0%).

Therefore, in view of the NIWA salary structure, the recorded data includes the following

  • Human Resource Officers earn about N126,000
  • Deputy General Manager earn about N246,000, while
  • Junior Staffs earn between N60,000-N70,000

Finally, we will always update this article once there are changes in the salaries of the National Inland Waterways Authority