NIMASA Salary Structure 2024 NIMASA Official Rank

NIMASA Salary Structure and Allowances for Level 7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14 Check Out The Monthly Salary Scale for both  corpers and Nimasa Staffs

Nigeria Maritime Administration and Safety Agency is a government organization in charge of regulating Nigeria’s maritime industry. The staff at this institution are paid well enough to ensure safety on the water, but not so much that they can afford luxurious lifestyles.; it also provides jobs for people who need work while providing stability throughout different regions across Nigeria.

A glance at their website shows information about what exactly entails working there like how many hours/week you’re allowed (40), annual leave granted depending upon qualifications attained(4 months), and whether you get compensated through salary or allowance

The Nigeria Maritime Administration and Safety Agency which is popularly called NIMASA have the responsibility of regulating all activities that happen in Nigerian waters. They enforce local or foreign trade, just like any other government agency would do with their jurisdiction! The Federal Ministry of Transport also helps them maintain order on this coastline by giving out guidelines for safety practices while working aboard ships around these parts.

Functions of Nigeria Maritime Administration and Safety Agency(NIMASA)

Below are some other functions performed by NIMASA

  • Ensuring the improvement of shipping and regulatory matters relating to seafarers and merchant shipping.
  • Supervision and regulation of shipping licenses and Seafarers certification.
  • Organization of Maritime Training and instituting Safety Standards for new NIMASA officers
  • Regulation of and ensuring safe shipping during the construction of ships and navigation.
  • Provide Maritime Search and Rescue Services when needed
  • Give direction and enforce rules and regulations with vessels for security measures
  • Conduct Coastal and Air Surveillance
  • Prevention of Maritime Pollution
  • Formulation and implementation of programs, policies, and strategies for the growth of local capacity in ownership, supervision, and construction of ships and other related amenities
  • Conduct all Port and Flag State-related duties.
  • Provision of maximum Security on water territory.

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Since we have discussed the function of the top regulatory agency(NIMASA), the next step is to look at how much they pay their worker.

NIMASA Salary Structure: How Much They Pay Their Workers

NIMASA is one of the top federal agencies with decent pay. They pay their staff based on Consolidated Research and Allied Institutes(CONRAISS) Salary Scale. This means NIMASA’s salary structure is based on grade level and year of experience in the civil service.

Below is the list of NIMSA salary structures with the various level of staff earnings.

  • Entry-Level Salary – NIMASA pays an average of N100,000 to ₦150,000 per month which ranges between N1.2 million to N1.8 million in a year.
  • Grade Level 7 (step 1) – NIMASA grade 7 level staff are paid an average salary of N90,000 in a month, which sums up to over a million naira in a year.
  • Grade Level 8 (step 1) – NIMASA pays its grade level, 8 staff, up to ₦103,988 monthly summing up to about ₦1,247,854 in a year.

Note: These are the current NIMASA salary structures before taxes and other important deductions.

More on NIMASA Salary Structure

Despite the fact there are many other allowances and bonuses enjoyed by NIMASA staff, this is the average paying scale used by them. You should also be aware that their salary structure can undergo changes anytime depending on the agency.