Nigerian Navy Batch 35 Screening/Interview Date & Centers 2023

Nigeria Navy Batch 35 Screening/Interview Date & Centers 2023: The schedule for the NNBTS Recruitment Screening Exercise, Interviews, and Nigerian Navy Batch 35ak Basic Training School has been released in centers around the country.

Please check Nigerian Navy Batch 35 Exam Results & List of Successful Candidates 2023 if you took the Navy NNR35 Recruitment Examination but have not yet received your results.

When Is the Nigerian Navy Batch 35 Screening Starting for 2023

The screening, interview date, and centers for the Nigerian Navy are published. The official time and locations for the screening and interviews of the NNBTS Examination’s shortlisted applicants have been announced by Nigerian Navy officials. It is crucial to remember that the Nigerian Navy batch 35 list of shortlisted applicants is NOT yet available online. As a matter of fact, we will the date available once it is made available.

Nigerian Navy Batch 35 Screening and Interview 2023

The date for the interview process and credentials screening for the 2023 Nigerian Navy Batch 35 shortlisted applicants from the NNBTS 35 Examination will be disclosed in this article.

The Nigerian Navy would extend an invitation to the successful applicants to participate in the national interview and screening exercise after the announcement of the 35ak Exam Results. Through the recruitment website for the Nigerian Navy, we are made aware of this information.

NOTE: The Nigerian Navy conducts its NNBTS Recruitment activity in parts or phases; the first stage is the online application process; the second stage, the nationwide written examination for qualifying candidates, is considered the recruitment exercise.

Individuals that pass the exam or aptitude test move on to the third phase, which is the screening and selection interview, in order to further pick the most qualified and best candidates for the final selection training, which is the ultimate stage of the Nigerian Navy’s hiring process.

Nigerian Navy Screening Date 2023

The selection interview would take place simultaneously at each of the centers from December 17, 2023, through January 7, 2023. Exams for the oral and written portions of the interview will comprise screening and verification of the candidate’s credentials and certifications.

Candidates are urged to show up at the centers a day in advance of the scheduled screening and interview. Candidates will be permitted at the screening and interview location even if they do not participate in the 2023 aptitude test or examination.

Nigerian Navy Screening/Interview Venues, 2023

There will be screening and interviews at centers all around the country. The centers are listed below;














1 .

North East (NE)

Adamawa NDA Old Site Kaduna

Kaduna (Batch A)

2 .

Bauchi NDA Old Site Kaduna

3 .

Borno NDA Old Site Kaduna

4 .

Gombe NDA Old Site Kaduna

5 .

Taraba NDA Old Site Kaduna

6 .

Yobe NDA Old Site Kaduna

7 .

North West (NW)

Jigawa NDA Old Site Kaduna

Kaduna (Batch B)

8 .

Kaduna NDA Old Site Kaduna

9 .

Kano NDA Old Site Kaduna

10 .

Katsina NDA Old Site Kaduna

11 .

Kebbi NDA Old Site Kaduna

12 .

Sokoto NDA Old Site Kaduna

13 .

Zamfara NDA Old Site Kaduna

14 .

North Central (NC)

Benue NNSS Ojo Lagos

Lagos (Batch A)

15 .

FCT NNSS Ojo Lagos

16 .

Kogi NNSS Ojo Lagos

17 .

Kwara NNSS Ojo Lagos

18 .

Nasarawa NNSS Ojo Lagos

19 .

Niger NNSS Ojo Lagos

20 .

Plateau NNSS Ojo Lagos

21 .

South West (SW)

Ekiti NNSS Ojo Lagos

Lagos (Batch B)

22 .

Lagos NNSS Ojo Lagos

23 .

Ogun NNSS Ojo Lagos

24 .

Ondo NNSS Ojo Lagos

25 .

Osun NNSS Ojo Lagos

26 .

Oyo NNSS Ojo Lagos







27 .

South East (SE)

Abia NNSS Borokiri Port Harcout

Port Harcourt (Batch A)

28 .

Anambra NNSS Borokiri Port Harcout

29 .

Ebonyi NNSS Borokiri Port Harcout

30 .

Enugu NNSS Borokiri Port Harcout

31 .

Imo NNSS Borokiri Port Harcout

32 .

South South (SS)

Akwa Ibom NNSS Borokiri Port Harcout

Port Harcourt (Batch B)

33 .

Bayelsa NNSS Borokiri Port Harcout

35 .

Cross River NNSS Borokiri Port Harcout

35 .

Delta NNSS Borokiri Port Harcout

36 .

Edo NNSS Borokiri Port Harcout

37 .

Rivers NNSS Borokiri Port Harcout

Navy Screening/Interview Requirements

A medical/physical exam, a written test, and credentials/certificate verification will all be part of the interview process.

  1. Candidates must have the following items with them:
    • Originals and photocopies of their credentials.
    • Originals and photocopies of valid Drivers’ Licence (Category H only).
    • Original and photocopy of State of Origin/LGA certificate.
    • National Identity Card/Acknowledgment Slip.
    • Writing materials.
    • Two pairs of navy blue shorts and 2 white (unmarked) T-Shirts.
    • A pair of canvas/trainers and stockings.
    • Bedsheets and pillowcases.
    • Set of cutlery.
    • Four (4) recent 30X30mm passport-sized photographs on white background.
    • Face masks and hand sanitizers.
    • Personal Toiletries (Bathing and washing soaps, Tooth Paste and brush, etc.).
  2. Each candidate will have a one-on-one interview, and if any required criteria are found to be lacking, the candidate’s candidacy will be terminated at any point during the interview.
  3. If any information or a statement made by a candidate at any point throughout the selection process is discovered to be false, fictitious, or incorrect, that candidate’s candidacy would be revoked, and that candidate may be turned over to the Nigeria Police Force for possible legal action.
  4. Failing to accurately disclose any applicant’s medical history during the whole selection process as specified on the Medical Examination Even if already employed by the Service, pro forma, will result in an automatic withdrawal from training and termination.
  5. Candidates will lose their chance to be selected if they don’t show up for screening on the designated date for their Batch at the center designated for their State of Origin.
  6. Everyone involved has to take note and act appropriately.

Please take note that the Nigerian Navy Batch 35 Recruitment Exercise has a set date. According to the information we have, the Navy Recruitment Screening and Interview will take place between December 17 and January 23. For more information about the Nigeria Navy Batch 35 Screening/Interview Date, notify us via the comment section.