NASIMS Biometric Enrollment Portal 2024 | Npower Batch C Biometric Enrollment Form

Biometric Enrollment Portal for NASIMS 2024. Biometric Enrollment for Npower Batch C has begun. The NASIMS Npower Biometric Client Enrollment form is also available for download from this page.

The 2024 Npower batch C candidates’ NASIMS Npower biometric enrolment is currently continuing. It’s crucial to note that this biometric enrollment is only available to applicants who have successfully updated their profiles and aced the online test.

The enrolment is for the purpose of confirming your identity and the information you submitted when applying for the Npower batch C recruitment. For all the chosen applicants, enrollment is required.

Candidates who choose not to participate in the ongoing biometric enrolment have been informed by Npower that they will be immediately and unjustly rejected.

Please contact our support team via email at if any candidates missed an application process.

Follow the instructions on this website to successfully enroll for the ongoing biometric caption if you received an email from Npower regarding the 2024 biometric enrollment.

NASIMS Biometric Enrollment Portal 2024

Keep in mind that this is only applicable to Npower batch C candidates who have undergone verification screening. Do not enroll your fingerprints if your profile has not yet been confirmed. To verify your profile, go to the NASIMS portal or patiently wait for it to be confirmed.

You require a computer and the ability to log in to the 2024 enrollment portal at in order to sign up for the biometric capture. If the program is not already on your smartphone, you will also need to install it.

Download NASIMS Npower Biometric Enrollment Application

To download the application to your smartphone, follow the instructions listed below. If you are unsure about how to proceed, you can simply visit an ICT center nearby and ask for assistance. They might want a modest fee.

Module: NASIMS Biometric
Package Name: NASIMS Biometric Enrollment
Publisher: NASIMS (NPOWER)

Before pressing the Install button, this prerequisite should be installed individually as it is necessary:

  • Biometrics Prerequisite for either 32 bit Installation or 64 bit Installation
  • .NET Desktop Runtimes

You can start using the application right away if these parts are already set up. If not, download the necessary files from the portal, install them, and then launch the application.

How to Enroll for NASIMS Npower Biometric Capture 2024

To begin, go to and log in to the portal. Fill out the required field with your email address or application ID. Once you have logged in, click the verification link to see your status. The steps listed below;

  • Go to “Capture Your Fingerprint” and click.
  • Click “NASIMS (NPOWER) Biometric Client” to access the new page.
  • Install on your computer the NASIMS NPower Biometrics Prerequisite program.
  • “Launch” the program after installation to use it.
  • To complete your NPower Batch C verification of biometric data, follow the on-screen instructions to take your fingerprint.

Please leave a comment below outlining your difficulties if you are still having trouble signing up for Npower batch C biometric capture.