Profile –> Login To Your NPower Account Here

Login/access to your Npower Account and Profile – What can be more painful than lacking the ability to access the application portal of a company to know the status of a job you applied for? Even worse is trying so hard to locate your Member’s area on a company’s website where you are currently working and need to get information out from there.

Well, we know how painful and frustrating this can be and for that reason, we decided to write out this article for the Npower workers.

So many applicants for Npower recruitment usually get stuck at this stage because there is very rare information out there about the users’ login area. If you have a need to update or make changes to the information you uploaded or have a need to change your details, then this is the best possible guide for you. Profile – this is your private area as a worker or an applicant who had already filled in your profile details. is the official login portal where all information and application is done. If you ever need to confirm any information for this agency, be it about a job, history, or any info at all, always use this web address.

For you to be a beneficiary of the Npower Federal Government program, you must select a department and create a profile on the portal with your details.

While waiting to get an alert from the recruitment board, you can log in to the portal to see if you have been shortlisted or get the appropriate dates when the list of recruits will be released.

Steps to Login to Profile

  • Make sure you have a laptop or mobile phone with you
  • Connect your laptop to Wi-Fi or a modem, do the same for your phone and ensure you have an active data subscription.
  • Visit: Profile
  • Once the page is completely loaded, type in your email address or phone number (the same ones you used during the registration)
  • You should now be able to access the portal. You will be redirected to your dashboard, where you can do what you chose.