Euro to Naira Black Market Rate Today 2024 Abokifx

Euro to Naira Black Market Rate 2024 Today, we shall take a look at the current euro to Naira black market rate today in Lagos and across Nigeria. How much is 1000 euros in the naira black market? What exactly is the euro to naira today, black market abokifx? Carefully read through as we will reveal to you all the information on the exact 50, 100 euro to naira in the black market.

For the time being, we must abide by the CBN’s new regulations and only display bank rates.

The Naira is falling precipitously against the euro on the foreign currency market, much like the USD, despite regular intervention from Nigeria’s central bank.

Therefore, if you wish to purchase or sell euros in Nigeria through a commercial bank on the black market, the information below will assist you determine how much to do so.

Please take note that the Central Bank of Nigeria strongly disapproves of the buying and selling of euros on the black market in Nigeria since it violates its financial laws and policies.

As a result, we strongly advise all buyers and sellers of the euro to keep to the central bank’s (CBN) exchange rate and to always buy and sell their currency through and to reputable merchants, such commercial banks.


In light of this, let’s calculate how much a Euro is worth in Naira in August 2024 at the black market exchange rate (both purchasing and selling).

How much is Euro to Naira Black Market Rate Today 2024?

As of August 2024, 1 euro is now being sold for an average of 687 on the black market (bereau de change and unofficial buyers and sellers). The CBN rate is remained at 451, for the time being.

Euro to Naira Black Market Rate Today

Euro to Naira (EUR to NGN) Black Market Exchange Rate Today
Selling Rate 687
Buying Rate 674

According to reports from buyers and sellers, as of this writing in the month of August 2024, 1 Euro is trading for between 680 and 700 on the illicit market.

Euro to Naira Exchange rate Yesterday

As of Tuesday, the CBT rate was remained at 451, and 1 euro was selling for an average of 680 yen on the black market (unofficial buyers and sellers).

How much is 1 Euro to Naira 2024?

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) had maintained an average exchange rate of 450 per EUR 1 since the start of January 2024.

Since January 2024, especially since the Central Bank ordered a halt to black-market euro exchange, the rate at which the Euro (EUR) converts to Naira has fluctuated.

The black market’s (unofficial buyers and sellers’) estimation of the euro to naira exchange rate was that it had consistently remained at 687.

Our Take on Euro to Naira Black Market Exchange

We would like to take this opportunity to urge all of our customers not to rely on the black market exchange rate (unofficial buyers and sellers) for the conversion of euros to nairas because doing so is against the financial policies of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

In order to stabilize our economy and currency value, we kindly ask that buyers and sellers adhere to the central bank’s (CBN) exchange rate, which is the only one officially recognized in Nigeria for the conversion of euros to naira.

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