Nigeria Police Guarantor Form 2023/2024 – Print NPF Guarantor Form PDF Now

Get access to Print the Nigeria Police Guarantor Form 2023/2024 PDF Download – One out of three applicants of this year’s job exercise always has an issue with printing the Guarantor’s form.

We understand that there may be many excuses for why one would not know how to download this file, and for that purpose, we have written this article to make sure you are not stranded.

We will show you how to download this form for free and the Nigeria Police Website.

Nigeria Police Guarantor Form 2023 – How To Locate It

One of the most searched queries surrounding Police recruitment happens to be how to access this form. We can tell from this that a lot of participants in this year’s job hunt are having a hard time finding out where to download this form.

Due to the fact that the form is free and has been made available for Candidates to download, we have linked the form here for our users through the information we provide.

Downloading the Nigeria Police Guarantor Form 2023

  1. Login to the Nigeria Police Recruitment Website –
  2. Insert your account details in the boxes allocated for that
  3. Your profile then pops up. Click on the “DOWNLOAD GUARANTOR FORM” that is shown in the image below.

Once you click on the button, the form will automatically download into your device. Then you can head to a cyber cafe around you to print it out.

What is a Guarantor Form?

A guarantor form is needed by recruiting agencies to ensure that you will be of the best character when working with such a company or agency.

You are required to provide the form during the screening, and it should be duly signed by individuals in the cadres we have listed below. They should attest to your good character, composure, and behavior.

Acceptable Guarantors

  1. Traditional Rulers
  2. Magistrate
  3. Local Government Chairman
  4. Heads of Educational Institutions attended
  5. Career Civil Servant not below the rank of Grade Level 12
  6. Police Officer not below the rank of CSP or Military Officer not below the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

Note: Any other guarantor that does not have the ranks listed above or equivalent will get you disqualified. Individuals who do not have their guarantor forms filled will be disqualified as well.