PYES Recruitment 2023/2024 Application Form And Portal Guideline

PYES Recruitment 2023/2024 Application Form

Are you one of the Nigerians with interest in PYES Recruitment? If you want to get updates regarding this recruitment exercise and the requirements, this article is right for you.

PYES – Mostly referred to as the Presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme is created with the sole aim of reducing extreme poverty in the country(Nigeria).

What you will get by reading this article includes the requirements, eligibility criteria, and important/related information that has to do with PYES starting and closing dates.

We have written out this information after a lot of research and questions of top personalities in the Presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme body. Our research and inquiries have helped us to draft this informative piece that will guide you on how to apply, the qualifications required, and the steps for applying on the portal.

PYES Registration 2023

The portal for the application is open to all individuals who deem themselves fit to apply. The Presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme program is free to all Graduates and Non-graduates of the country.

The pyes organization;

The Presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme(PYES) is a federal scheme set out by the government as a Public-Private Partnership initiative. Its major aim is to create thousands of opportunities for Nigerian Youths.

Functions of PYES 2023/2024

We have quoted some of the functions of the PYES;

  1. Create and grow wealth among the ever-increasing youth population of Nigeria.
  2. Contribute to GDP growth through the development of Micro, Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (MSMEs).
  3. Guarantee sustainable income for the Nigerian youth.
  4. Reduce unemployment among Nigerian youth by creating over 774,000 empowerment opportunities.
  5. Integrate into the mainstream of government policies, programs, and national budget youth development.
  6. Integrate into the Economic Diversification policy of the Federal Government of Nigeria the youths of Nigeria.
  7. Help achieve the financial inclusion strategy of the Federal Government of Nigeria.
  8. Train and empower youth to have the capacity to empower at least one other youth within his/her immediate community.
  9. Fight the scourge of criminality and drug abuse among the youth by empowering them to be productively engaged.
  10. Build the capacity of the youth to enable them to take charge of their wellbeing and future by building their assets and realizing their potentials.
  11. Enhance production, productivity and value addition for new and existing urban and rural entrepreneurs across the 774 Local Government Areas in Nigeria on a sustainable basis.

Primary Role of PYES?

The primary role of the Presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme is to provide job and employment solutions to the Nigerian youths. This is done in a bid to fight the problem of unemployment through the execution of empowerment opportunities.

Salary of PYES

Though we will provide you with information of the different branches below, we can’t actually say what the salary is. We do have an idea of what the figure might be but we can’t put that out until we confirm exactly what it is.

What are the Branches of the PYES?

Categories/ branches of the PYES include;

  1. Technical Acquisition.
  2. Agriculture.
  3. Fashion.
  4. ICT and Mobile Money.
  5. Fashion.

How to Apply for PYES Recruitment 2023/2023

  1. PYES recruitment portal is @
  2. Registration is free, so signup for an account if you don’t have one.
  3. You can also connect your social handle such as Twitter or Facebook.
  4. Please provide the right details for your State of residence and LGA of residence.
  5. Ensure that all the details you provide are correct sand verifiable.
  6. Upload all necessary documents and submit your application.

General Requirements

Applying for this job is just one process while getting selected will put together a number of factors. The most important of these factors is that you have all the requirements of this agency as stated in their recruitment form.

Pyes teach academic and working experience requirements include:

  • University or Polytechnic Degree. This could be a BSc or HND from an accredited institution in the country.
  • I would tell you for sure that academic qualification is the most important for N-teach recruitment.
  • If you possess the academic requirement, you can go ahead to check out for other requirements as stated on the application website of the PYES 2023 job selection.
  • All applications will only be submitted on the official PYESTeach Recruitment Portal

Portal – and

The date for the pyes Recruitment to begin

We are curious as well to find out this information. Getting to know the date when the recruitment will start will be helpful to you but at the moment, we do not have any solid confirmation of when this will begin.

As of today, March 5, 2023, The PYES recruitment form is not out. We are going to inform you immediately it is out and made public.

We are sure that when the date is fixed by the Presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme body, it will be made known to the general public. It is important to stay up-to-date with this information and keep great relationships with interested applicants or PYES workers.