NSCDC Salary Structure 2023 Ranks & Training Allowances

Check Out the NSCDC Salary Structure 2023 Training Allowances, Official Ranks, Positions and new Uniforms; here you’ll get to know how much different ranking officials in the NSCDC earn annually.

Curious about what pay the NSCDC officials receive yearly?

If you intend to join the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC), you may be interested in having an idea about how much you will be paid if you successfully secure the job.

You also stand to gain knowledge of the different ranks. So ensure you read this article to the end.


Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps is a paramilitary institution that the Nigeria Government established in May 1967 in Nigerian, with the act of the National Assembly. The functions of the NSCDC include protecting lives and properties in conjunction with Nigeria police, protecting pipelines from vandalism, crisis resolutions and general protection of the country.

NSCDC Salary Structure 2023 – See Civil Defence Ranks and Salary [UPDATED]

The Nigerian Civil Defence has a similar salary structure as Military Forces and Police in Nigeria because they all have an alike chain of command.

The salary structure of the NSCDC officers is based on the certificate/qualification an individual holds. For instance, HND Holders are placed on Level 7; Degree Holders are placed on Level 8, while Masters Holders are placed on Level 9. The higher the level of education, the higher the rank. This is another pointer to how important education is.

The table below shows the average salary of an NSCDC Rank from the lowest to the highest.


Rank Annual Salary
3-5 Assistant Cadre ₦296,506 – ₦374,259
6 Assistant Inspectorate Cadre ₦357,385 – ₦411,454
7 Inspectorate Cadre ₦483,014 – ₦567,065
8 Assistant Superintendent Cadre II ₦858,956 – ₦986,991
9 Assistant Superintendent Cadre I ₦939,310 – ₦1,056,416
10 Deputy Superintendent Cadre II ₦1,012,562 – ₦1,143,539
11 Superintendent Cadre II ₦1,094,027 – ₦1,252,038
12 Chief Superintendent Cadre II ₦1,158,172 – ₦1,325,234
13 Assistant Commander ₦1,225,584 – ₦1,405,449
14 Deputy Commander ₦1,619,447 – ₦1,825,589
15 Chief Commander ₦1,759,921 – ₦1,966,281
16 Assistant Commandant General

₦2,272,288 – ₦2,464,560

Note: The salary structure above is based on the ranking of the officers, and it is the annual salary. The benefits and allowances are included, except rent.