NLNG Salary Structure by Job Title 2023 (Updated)

NLNG Salary Structure by Job Title 2023 (Updated) | Check Out How Much NLNG Pays Its Employees

Do you want to know how much Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas pays its employees on a monthly or annual basis? Before starting employment at NLNG, it’s critical to learn about the company’s wage structures for various positions.

This page will provide thorough information on NLNG Salary Structure by Job Title, since many of our followers who are interested in working for the company want to know how much its employees make. Because NLNG is an oil and gas company, its compensation package would be highly appealing, therefore read this article all the way to the end.

LNG Nigeria is one of Nigeria’s best-paying oil and gas jobs! However, don’t expect to be paid a lot for doing nothing. LNG Nigeria offers a variety of work prospects, but they are all quite demanding. You’ll need strong grades and a will to succeed if you actually want to work there.


Still, professionalism and development are two of LNG Nigeria’s primary benefits. You will be paid well and have opportunities for advancement.

NLNG Salary Structure by Job Title

NLNG, like any other oil and gas business, compensates its employees handsomely, with remuneration varying depending on the job they have within the company. Monthly pay for several NLNG positions is shown in the table below.

There are advantages associated with each of these roles, such as health benefits, which are not covered by the wage but are separate from it.

Job Title Amount Earned
Intern INTERNSHIP NGN 30,000/mo
Mechanical Technician INTERNSHIP NGN 29K – NGN 157K/mo
Graduate Trainee NGN 563K – NGN 993K/mo
Civil Engineer NGN 11M – NGN 12M/yr Avg. Total Pay
Trainee Technician NGN 576K – NGN 620K/mo Avg. Total Pay
Change Management Specialist CONTRACTOR NGN 2M – NGN 2M/mo Avg. Total Pay
Software Developer INTERNSHIP NGN 36K – NGN 40K/mo Avg. Total Pay
Internship INTERNSHIP NGN 36K – NGN 40K/mo Avg. Total Pay
SIWES Trainee INTERNSHIP NGN 38K – NGN 41K/mo Avg. Total Pay
SIWES Trainee NGN 29K – NGN 31K/mo Avg. Total Pay
Shift Supervisor NGN 24M – NGN 26M/yr Avg. Total Pay
Mechanical Engineer NGN 11M – NGN 12M/yr Avg. Total Pay
Industrial Trainee INTERNSHIP NGN 14K – NGN 16K/mo Avg. Total Pay
IT Support INTERNSHIP NGN 24K – NGN 26K/mo Avg. Total Pay
Safety Coordinator NGN 478K – NGN 517K/mo Avg. Total Pay
Connection Center Associate NGN 966K – NGN 1M/yr Avg. Total Pay
Electrical Engineer NGN 774K – NGN 834K/mo Avg. Total Pay
Maintenance Technician NGN 191K – NGN 207K/mo Avg. Total Pay
Production Engineering INTERNSHIP NGN 29K – NGN 31K/mo Avg. Total Pay
Planner/Scheduler About NGN 290K – NGN 311K/mo Avg. Total Pay
Gas Plant Operator NGN 31M – NGN 33M/yr Avg. Total Pay
QAQC Coordinator CONTRACTOR NGN 848K – NGN 918K/mo Avg. Total Pay
Assistant INTERNSHIP NGN 97K – NGN 104K/mo Avg. Total Pay
Unarmed Security Officer NGN 5M – NGN 5M/yr Avg. Total Pay
HSE Officer NGN 475K – NGN 516K/mo Avg. Total Pay
Account Manager NGN 580K – NGN 619K/yr Avg. Total Pay
Electrical NGN 1M – NGN 1M/mo Avg. Total Pay

If you want to work for NLNG, you must meet the standards because it is a very tough job with a large number of applications. Please keep in mind that these NLNG Salary Structure data are subject to change at any time, so bookmark this page since we will update it as soon as they do.