Download Free Nigerian Customs Service Aptitude Test Questions and Answers PDF 2023

The Nigeria Customs CBT examination is coming up. If you want to get ready for it, Download the Free Nigerian Customs Service Aptitude Test Questions and Answers PDF file with all the questions and answers from the previous year’s exam here.

We have all the latest Nigerian Customs Service recruitment test questions and answers for you. Now, it’s just a matter of time before your dream job becomes reality by preparing with these comprehensive lists compiled from official sources only here. All you need to do is carefully go through the study guide to get yourself prepared for the forthcoming Nigeria Customs CBT examination exercise.

The Nigerian Customs Service recruitment exam questions for the aptitude test consist of Mathematics, English, and General Knowledge. In preparation for this NCS examination, it is necessary that you get yourself well-equipped because if successful then a job opportunity awaits.

Nigerian Customs Recruitment Exam Questions and Answers

Some possible questions that might be asked during a Customs recruit test in Nigeria are listed below. After pretty much knowing what to expect in a Customs Recruitment Interview, here are some likely questions past candidates have faced.


  1. What is the probability of having an odd number in a single toss of a fair die (a) 1/6  (b) 1/3

(c) ½   (d) 2/3

Use the following information for questions 2 and 3

The surname of 40 children in a class was arranged in alphabetical order, 16 of the surnames begin with O, and 9 of the surnames begin with A.

14 letters of the alphabet do not appear as the first letter of a surname.

  1. What is the probability that the surname of a child picked at random from the class begins with either O and A?

(a) 5/8  (b) 7/8 (c) 9/16  (d) 14/25

  1. If more than one surname begins with a letter besides A and O, how many surnames begin with the letter? (a) 2 (b) 3 (c) 4  (d) 6

The table gives the score of a group of students in an English language test.

Scores 2 3 4 5 6 7
No of Students 2 4 7 2 3 2


  1. If a student is chosen at random from the group, what is the probability that he scored at least 6 marks?

(a)  3/20  (b)  1/5  (c) ¼   (d)        3/10

  1. What is the probability that three customers waiting in a bank will be served in the sequence of their arrival at the bank?

(a)  1/6  (b)  1/3   (c)  ½  (d)  2/3

ENGLISH LANGUAGE                     

Choose the word nearest to the word in bold

  1. After many years of struggle as a trader, he struck gold

(a) Became quite rich (b) Won a big contract (c) he became a gold miner  (d) became a goldsmith

  1. One significant character of the jet age is that it encourages people to cut corners

(a)  Not to face all problems (b) to want to become rich quickly    (c) to want to avoid unnecessary hardships (d) forfeit the opportunity of further education.

  1. The lady who won the beauty contest had a good gait

(a) Stature (b) figure (c) elegance (d) carriage

  1. It would need a high flyer to make a first-class degree in the university

(a) A smart performer      (b) an outright genius     (c) an outstanding scholar    (d) an unmitigated swot

  1. What you will find in the book is a bird’s eye view of the subject

(a) A detailed account (b) a balanced account (c) a biased treatment (d) a general survey

How to get the Nigeria Customs Recruitment Past Questions and Answers

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