IVC Scholarship Result Checker 2023/2024 Out For Free – Check IVC Scholarship Results Here

This IVC Scholarship Result Checker will enable you to check your IVC Scholarship result status. The International Vocational Centre (IVC) Result Checker is a free service that provides IVC results for all candidates who applied for the 2023 IVC Scholarship Examination.

Are you an International Vocational Centre (IVC) aspirant? IVC Result Checker is the best IVC Scholarship result checking service in Nigeria. We provide the basic information on how you can check your IVC Scholarship result for free, and also provide IVC Scholarship results status updates to help prospective students make informed decisions about their admission into tertiary institutions.

Today, I am going to take you through a very important topic which is the “IVC Scholarship Result Checker 2023/2024 and different methods to check your result in this year’s exercise.

Why is this important?

Nobody goes through an exercise just because they enjoy doing it. You took part in the IVC Scholarship exercise, obviously because you expect a positive return and want to be admitted into a University or college to study that dream course of yours.

For this reason, the International Vocational Centre (fondly called IVC) has released the result to the just concluded 2023/2024 examination session. All participants are advised to check their results now and know their admission status.

Before we show you how to download your 2023 IVC Scholarship result, let’s answer these few questions we regularly get from IVC Scholarship candidates.

Is the IVC Scholarship Result 2023 Out?

If you have this question on the back of your mind, then you need to know that International Vocational Centre (IVC) has already released the 2023 IVC results online to be accessed and printed by candidates.

Can I Print my result by myself Online?

The portal has been made accessible by all candidates who took part in the IVC Scholarship examination. As long as you still have your registration number and examination year, then you can view and print your result in the 2023 IVC Scholarship portal.

How long does it take for IVC Scholarship results to be out?

The IVC Scholarship results are expected to be released within one week but in some cases, it may take longer if the body notices that there was some sort of malpractice in a certain venue or location. This may push them to hold the results for a little more than usual until investigations have been made.

After such announcement, you can proceed to check your exam result,

IVC Scholarship Result Checker 2023/2024 For Free | How To Check IVC Results

This information is meant for those candidates who took part in the International Vocational Centre (IVC); checking your result can only be done through the provided checking platforms. To ensure that you are checking your result properly, please use any of the methods we have indicated below to check your result.

How to Check 2023 IVC Scholarship Result Online.


This method gives you the strategy to check for your result without the need to even use a scratch card. This means that you do not have to buy a scratch again to access your result if you go through this medium.

  • IVC Scholarship result checker portal: https://ivcscholarship.org/academics/check-results.
  • Input your IVC Scholarship Registration Number/Email Address in the required section.
  • Click on ‘Check My Results’.
  • The portal will load your result if it’s ready.

N/B: the click to proceed will show like the one in the image above.

What happens when the result isn’t ready?

Great question. We are sure this may be the question on your mind, and we will answer that right now. It may happen that your result is not ready at the time of checking and if that is the case you will get this message: “We Are Sorry, You Do Not Have Any Result Yet”

This is not something to panic over or be worried about. IVC Scholarship results are released in different batches, and yours may not just be ready yet. You will have to check back later, maybe in a week’s time.

How to Print IVC Scholarship Original Result Slip 2023

This information is for those candidates that took part in the 2023 International Vocational Centre (IVC) as well as the ones who participated in the examination a couple of years back. It is now been made easy to print your original results slips online through a PC or mobile phone, following the easy steps outlined below.

This is what will be required from you when you are called up for any Admission screening.


  1. Login to your IVC Scholarship profile: https://ivcscholarship.org/academics/check-results.
  2. Click on the “Print Result Slip“ that is shown under the SERVICES section on the website.
  3. Proceed to “continue with payment” (payment will be made via remita)
  4. Once your payment has been confirmed, you will be immediately redirected to a page where you will be required to fill in your Examination year and IVC Scholarship registration number.

N/B: If you want your result sent to your email, fill in your email, and it will be immediately sent to your inbox.

While we wish you the best in your IVC Scholarship result, we also want to encourage you to put in your best next time if, eventually, your result is not as good as you expect. We want the best for you, and we hope you get that admission soon.