How To Add Email To Jamb Profile 2024

Here in this article, you will learn How To Add Email To Jamb Profile, as well as how to login to your JAMB profile.
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Are you seeking a way to link your JAMB profile to an email address?
When you attach your email address to JAMB, you will be given a password to use to access your JAMB profile.

Is It Really Necessary How To Add Email To Jamb Profile?

Candidates enrolled with their cell phones and national identity numbers in the recently concluded JAMB UTME tests. In earlier years, candidates were required to register with an email address and a password.

JAMB most likely did this for two reasons:

  1. During registration, CBT centers had a practice of swiftly generating email accounts for JAMB UTME students who did not have one. This created a problem because most candidates forgot their login information for these emails, resulting in them losing access to their JAMB profiles.

You don’t need an email address to register using this new technique. Candidates can go home and create their own email address, which they can then link to JAMB.

2. To prevent fraudsters from using candidates’ login information to commit fraud.

You must connect your email to JAMB in order to receive a password to access your JAMB profile.

You can use your JAMB profile page to accept or refuse admission, modify your course or institution, print admission letters once you’ve been accepted, and a lot more. Also, you won’t be able to accomplish any of these things until you attach an email to your JAMB profile.

How To Add Email To Jamb Profile

Follow the steps outlined below to get started.

  • On your phone, open the SMS app.
  • Fill in the blanks with email, a space, and your email address twice. For instance,
  • Send to 55019 as a text message.


This message must be sent to the phone number used to register for JAMB. Please be aware that SMS costs will take ₦50 from your phone credit.

You can find your phone number on your JAMB UTME photo card if you forget the one you used to register with JAMB.

A password will be issued to the email account you just linked to JAMB if the operation is successful.

Copy the password from the mail address and use it to access your JAMB profile.

How can you access your JAMB profile?

Here is the link to the JAMB site login page. To gain access to the page, enter your email address, password (which you just copied), and click login.

Now that you have a piece of information on How To Add Email To Jamb Profile, we hope you’ve figured out how to connect your email to your JAMB account. You can also read our guide to resetting or retrieving your JAMB password.