Federal Fire Service Ranks and Salary Structure 2024

Federal Fire Service Salary Structure, Training Allowances, and Ranks 2024 – Check Out FFS Staff Monthly Salary

This article contains information about the Federal Fire Service ranks and salaries. The new compensation structure for personnel in the Federal Fire Service, as well as the salaries for civil service workers or public servants, was improved by the Federal Government of Nigeria a while ago.

Do you want to know how much the Federal Fire Service pays? This article is meant to provide important information on the Federal Fire Service’s salary system. To find out, keep reading.

According to their organizational structure, the Federal Fire Service (FFS) has different ranks and salaries.

The Federal Fire Service is one of the federal government’s highest-paid departments. Many people have contacted us with questions concerning the National Fire Service’s salary structure and ranks.

Federal Fire Service Application Update 2024

If you wish to work for the Fire Service, which is a federal government body in charge of managing and preventing fire outbreaks across the country, you should be aware of the Federal Fire Service monthly wage as well as the amount the government pays firefighters on a monthly basis.

Some people who want to join our service are unfamiliar with it, which is why we’ve taken this step to educate our readers on the issues they’ve been raising.
SSCE holders, BSC holders, and HND holders are all admitted into the service.
The fact that they pay well is why I like them so much.

Federal Fire Service (FFS) Ranks And Salary Structure

Federal Fire Service workers make between ₦800,000 and ₦1,400,000 per year on average (we can say that they earn ₦50-120,000 monthly).
The largest salary is paid to the General of the Federal Fire Service, which is roughly 1.4 million Naira.

In addition, it was reported that salary grade level 07 will be immediately upgraded to salary grade level 08, implying that Federal Fire Service employees’ pay will rise.

Federal Fire Service Ranks Federal Fire Service Salary Structure
Chief Inspector (CI) ₦1,405,449
Deputy Chief Inspector (DCI) ₦1,325,234
Assistant Chief Inspector (ACI) ₦1,252,038
Principal Marshal Inspector (PMI) ₦1,143,539
Senior Marshal Inspector (SMI) ₦1,058,416
Marshal Inspector I (MI-I) ₦777,876
Marshal Inspector II (MI-II). ₦548,387
Marshal Inspector III (MI-III) ₦393,442
Chief Fire Marshal Assistant (CFMA) ₦966,761
Deputy Fire Marshal Assistant (DFMA) ₦539,048
Senior Fire Marshal Assistant (SFMA) ₦387,428
Fire Marshal Assistant I (FMA I) ₦349,589
Fire Marshal Assistant II (FMA II) ₦319,741
Fire Marshal Assistant III (FMA III) ₦305,576

The following are the Federal Fire Service Ranks and Salary.
It’s worth noting that there’s a slight variance between problems of the same rank.

Someone who has been an assistant chief inspector for four years will not be paid the same as someone who has recently been elevated to the position.


There must be some distinction between them. However, the principal salary of each level is what we awarded you immediately after you gave the rank.