Baba Ijebu Results Today/Yesterday 2023: How To Play Different Types Of Games

Baba Ijebu Results for Today National 2023: Check out baba ijebu lucky result for today, winning numbers as well as how to check baba ijebu past result.

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Which number can I play to win Baba Ijebu?

You may forecast three numbers using the 3 direct method. You will win if these three numbers are drawn. Without the third number, you cannot win if one or two are drawn. You have a chance of earning 210,000 naira if you play 3 Direct with 100 naira.

Baba Ijebu Result for Today

You may learn everything you need to know about the Baba Ijebu Lotto result from this article, which has been put together. You will receive the following Baba Ijebu draws and outcomes:

  • Baba Ijebu pay me my dough past result
  • Baba Ijebu Gold Result
  • Baba Ijebu Premier Lotto Result
  • Baba Ijebu Diamond Result
  • Baba Ijebu Bingo Result
  • Baba Ijebu Fairchance Result

Baba Ijebu Results Today and Yesterday

Date Game Winning Number Machine Number
November 06, 2023 – Sun Enugu Result 1 – 56 – 80 – 86 – 79
November 06, 2023 – Sun MK II Result 52 – 12 – 83 – 74 – 25
November 06, 2023 – Sun Royal Result 27 – 28 – 6 – 90 – 34
November 05, 2023 – Sat Fairchance Result 26 – 6 – 44 – 40 – 25
November 05, 2023 – Sat National Result 16 – 69 – 35 – 68 – 39
November 05, 2023 – Sat 06 Result 82 – 10 – 23 – 86 – 9
November 05, 2023 – Sat Club Master Result 30 – 60 – 82 – 42 – 51
November 05, 2023 – Sat Super Result 74 – 19 – 35 – 32 – 7
November 05, 2023 – Sat King Result 85 – 17 – 39 – 61 – 44

How do I play Baba Ijebu on MTN?

Baba Ijebu on MTN is quite simple to use! Simply validate your age by dialing *755#, then accept the Baba Ijebu terms and conditions. After that, the main menu page will appear, like follows: When playing Baba Ijebu on MTN, the whole list of available options is displayed in the menu.

How to Check the Baba Ijebu Result on Your Phone, via Airtel, Glo, USSD

You only need to submit the PIN from the Baba Ijebu Premier Card you purchased to 32240 to check the Baba Ijebu results on your mobile device using your MTN sim. You can utilize USSD codes or the same procedures as for MTN if you’re on another network like Airtel, Glo, or 9Mobile.

We provide results for winning numbers, jackpot lotto results, machine numbers, club master results, fortunate lotto, etc. on our website, so you may check the Baba Ijebu game results for the day there.

Baba Ijebu Past Results

Here are Baba Ijebu’s previous days’ and weeks’ results. Additionally, you can view the most recent and previous Baba Ijebu results. The previous Baba Ijebu results for July 2023 will be updated regularly on this page, or visit Additionally, you may look up historical results for the gold lottery, jackpot super lotto, and midweek results here.

You should be aware that we will soon upload the Baba Ijebu results for July 6, 2023, so be sure to check back here often as we’ll be sure to show you both the previous results and the most recent ones.

The Baba Ijebu results for the previous days and weeks will be published here after we have through collating them. Currently, we regularly maintain both this page and the Baba Ijebu website. Any new developments will be communicated to you immediately.

You can access the yesterday’s Baba Ijebu results here. Past results for Baba Ijebu are available, but we haven’t finished compiling them so you can see them. Remember that you can play Baba Ijebu games today as well. As soon as we can, we’ll provide you forecasts about Baba Ijebu Enugu, vag, etc.

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How can I win lotto in Nigeria?

You choose six numbers from 1 to 49 in Lotto Nigeria. You can win the grand prize in the national sports lottery by matching all six numbers. However, you will also receive a cash prize in the Lotto Nigeria drawings if you match five, four, or three numbers.

You can play the online lottery by going to on your PC or mobile device. The parent firm of Baba Ijebu, Premier Lotto, is the owner of the internet platform. You will be able to participate in each draw and make sports bets.

Femi spoke on the procedures for becoming a sub-agent, explaining that all prospective agents have to do is get in touch with a Baba Ijebu principle agent to ask for assistance in registering a terminal, so they may begin selling tickets.

How do I cash out on Baba Ijebu?

First time *755# Online Payout
  1. Click on (NEW *755# USERS CLICK HERE) in the top left corner.
  2. Type your mobile number, then type your Baba Ijebu pin (Dial 7557# to get the pin). …
  3. Create your own strong password. …
  4. Fill in your personal information as you have it in your bank, a/c you want to use for withdrawal.

How can I fund my Baba Ijebu account?

Using Quickteller, how to make a deposit. Please go to Put your exclusive Baba Ijebu User ID here (This can be found on the deposit page next to the Quickteller payment option). Please provide your phone number and email address. Put the amount you want to add to your Baba Ijebu account in the box provided.